Christmas is coming to town ! Taipei City Government has co-worked with 15 leading department stores to decorate the streets with Christmas lights, including “Light of Hope,” “Light of Warmth” and “Light of Happiness” in Xinyi District. The beautiful street lights and festival settings will be featured at more than 30 locations around the city. Wandering under the tapestry of lights and through the streets and alleys to experience the warmth and happiness of a loving Christmas!
Taipei Water Department is celebrating Christmas with flower arrangements and decorating lights throughout the Water Park with amazing snapshot-worthy scenes. These together with art and cultural performances create a unique cultural ambience and convey Christmas well-wishes for Taipei’s south side! Discounted tickets can be booked online. Do not miss the chance to discover the magic of Gongguan’s waterside!
2021“Taipei New Year’s Eve Party” creates more! We install art and lighting works in 6 districts of Taipei. The history of these districts and local culture are presented to boost an energetic urban lifestyle and also to cultivate a celebrating atmosphere! The New Year’s Eve Party will be held at the Citizen Square on December 31. The best-of the-best stars such as Wu Bai and Hebe will be on stage to celebrate with you and their performance will incorporate the latest technology to dazzle your eyes. The count-down will lead up to the New Year show of Taipei 101. We invite all to join and feel the vibe of Taipei at the New Year’s Eve Party!
“XIMEN Play and Buy” debut from December 18, 2020 to March 7, 2021 at Ximending Commercial District. The event is divided into 2 promotion periods. The most eye-catching installation arts that collaborative design with top-charting character “Ology” now set at eight highly marketable sites at Ximending Commercial District, from December 18, 2020 to January 24, 2021. The overseas mysterious IP (Intellectual Property) will show from January 28, 2021 to March 24, 2021
Let us wish a “Hearty Happy New Year” for all at the start of the year of Ox! A variety of traditional activities are arranged during the Taipei Lunar New Year Festival. Festival decorations are installed everywhere with numerous New Year merchandise to highlight the unique character of Taipei’s 7 classic shopping districts. Shop, play, and experience the taste of the Lunar New Year. Perfect for families, couples and friends looking to spend time together and have fun!
The 2021 Taipei Lantern Festival will be centered around the newly completed Wanhua Railway Station Square 1 and Square 2. These together with BangkaQuasi Museum and the traditional folk activities at Qinshan Temple in Wanhua entice tourists into exploring the historic West of Taipei. Bangka’s local shopping districts, temples, folk activities, cultural heritage and historical buildings offer a long list of must-see. They are now ready to welcome more travelers to explore the alleys of Wanhua and rediscover the undiscovered history and culture of Bangka.